Endorsements & Testimonials


David Philip Mitnick 

Retired School Counselor, 
Officer and Board Member of the Suffolk Education Foundation

"I worked in public education for 36 years:  four years as a teacher, nine years as an administrator and 23 years as a school counselor, my  favorite job by far.  I was constantly looking for resources to assist my students, their parents, community groups and church youth groups navigate the college admission process and ways to find the means to pay for a college education…

Now, after my retirement, Ms. McLean has written the complete, practical publication that will give students and parents a step-by-step approach to college admission and ways to win scholarship dollars to pay for their post-secondary education.  The inclusion of scriptures helps those of faith to correlate the college and scholarship search with their belief in God.  [It also] makes the book a perfect document to use as a book study for church youth groups and their parents to study together…

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Suffolk (Virginia) Education Foundation (a non-profit organization that supports the public schools in Suffolk, Virginia) and the Scholarship Committee Chairperson, I will recommend that the Board purchase copies of $100,000 and Counting for each high school counseling office.  I found $100,000 and Counting to be a literary work that will be useful to many students and parents and because it is timeless it will be used by families for years to come.  The book has the potential to become a classic in its genre."


Pastor Brian Odem Bellamy

Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church of Hamden,  CT
Professor of Global Studies, University of New Haven

"Working on my fourth academic degree, and coming from a home where financial resources were not bountiful, I know how intimidating the cost of education can be. Having experienced the saving and keeping power of Jesus Christ in my life, I also, know that through faith perseverance and due diligence, God is able to open doors to unfathomable resources. This is why $100,000 and Counting is an absolute must read for any and every believer who is seeking financial assistance to purse higher education.

With a faithful perspective and forthright and practical instructions, McLean covers every question one might have about pursuing scholarships and grants, from how to write an essay, to how to choose a major, to reminders of staying focused on God’s ability give us the desire of our hearts.”


Ra'Chanel Marshall

Professor of Communication, University of Louisville
$100,000 and Counting is an excellent resource for parents, high school youth, and college students. As an educator, I am surprised that many students are unaware of the scholarship opportunities in which they qualify. This resource gives great insight on where and how to apply for scholarships, the pros of applying for local scholarships, and the importance of using scholarships to fund one’s educational career. 

Most importantly, Ashli McLean does a wonderful job illustrating how faith (believing) is interconnected with doing (seeking and applying for scholarships) and receiving the desired outcome (“free” money) with her own personal narrative. Many books have been written on scholarships, but what makes this book so unique is the strategy demonstrated through Ashli’s experience. She saw an opportunity, she believed in positive results, and she went for it! Such an inspiring read for those wondering how they will find funds to support their academic journey! 

For parents, Ashli includes an insightful guide to assist them in preparing their college-bound youth for college. She offers advice, important tips, and encouragement. 

$100,000 and Counting is also an invaluable tool for guidance counselors, local community youth organizations, and church youth groups to share with high school students…I wish I would have had such a wonderful resource when I first began college.” 


"Ms. McLean, I just wanted to share with you a brief praise report about how my family has been blessed by applying the concepts from your book. So far my son has applied for several scholarships, and he has already been granted $500, $1,000, and $3,000 scholarships--two of which he didn't apply for and had never heard of!!! He has established great rapport and relationships with his department dean and professors, and all of them are impressed with him and know that he's looking for scholarships and work study opportunities. One professor even hired him to be his reader, which has added a few hours a week to his work study! Also, he was chosen to be a research assistant, which is a volunteer opportunity which gives him exposure and will open MORE doors down the road, we believe!

We're SOOOOOO excited about how God is moving in my son's life. He's more motivated than ever to pursue scholarships and makes the application process a regular part of every weekend's activities. We're just trusting and believing that God will reward our faithfulness if we just continue to apply for scholarships and let HIM decide where the funds will come from.

Thank you again for letting God use you to write that book and for being an inspiration to our family and so many others. God bless you!"  - EmJay Hunter


"$100,000 and Counting was a great read!!! The book was very practical, while incorporating the aspect of faith. Ashli McLean's personal testimonies really made the application of seeking out and applying to scholarships REAL and attainable for any student!! I have suggested this book to many students (high school and college), as well as parents (aunts, uncles, and cousins as well). I hope this book blesses others as it has blessed me and my siblings! This book is a MUST READ for students and parents...DON'T go into debt to get a degree and think about the major you choose!!!!!"  - Courtney A