About The Book

“A faithful man will be richly blessed…” (Proverbs 28:20)

$100,000 and Counting is a faith-based guide to winning college scholarships.  It is an eclectic mix of academic advice, scriptural references, self-help principles, and a personal testimony.  Infused with counsel from college and scholarship professionals, it showcases the author's personal testament of how her faith made way for God to provide over $100,000 in scholarships for her college education.  

The book uses conversational writing to guide readers through the ins and outs of scholarships, offering important tips to exercise when applying for scholarships and presenting expert advice the author leveraged to win scholarships. 

Having a special focus on minority and low-income students, $100,000 and Counting also shares the resources and instruction regarding the college application and scholarships processes that many students feel disadvantaged in accessing.  In addition, the book includes a special guide for parents.  

According to the College Board’s “Trends in College Pricing,” this is the 2016-2017 average total cost of tuition, fees, room and board for:

•   Four-year, in-state public institution - $20,090 or $80,360 total for 4 years
•   Four-year, out-of-state public institution - $35,370 or $141,480 total for 4 years
•   Private, nonprofit institution - $45,370 or $181,480 total for 4 years

The report assumes an additional $4,520 yearly for textbooks, supplies, transportation and other expenses. 

I.     Introduction
II.    A Winner's Mindset
III.   What is a Scholarship & Other Non-Debt Sources of Financial Aid
IV.   Why You Need to Apply for Scholarships (Besides the Fact That It's Free Money!)
V.    Guiding Principles
       - Principle #1: Start Early!
       - Principle #2: Utilize These Resources
       - Principle #3: Don't Be Discouraged by the "Little" Scholarships
       - Principle #4: The Essay Weeds Out the Weak, So MAKE Time to Write It!
       - Principle #5: Be the STAND-OUT Applicant & Write the STAND-OUT Essay
       - Principle #6: Be Smart with Your Money
       - Principle #7: Be Open to College Majors That will Set You Apart from the Rest
       - Principle #8: Understand God Knows Your Desires & Knows What's Best for You
VI.   Important Tips
VII.  The Charge
VIII. A Special Guide for Parents
IX.   Meet the Person I Credit My Scholarship Success To
X.    Testimonies: God Provided for These Students Too!
XI.   Resource Gide
XII.  Acknowledgements
XIII. Notes        
$100,000 and Counting is is an invaluable asset for parents and students seeking guidance on how to receive scholarships in a society where college costs are increasing significantly each year. The book is meant to empower you by providing you with the knowledge and resources necessary to capitalize on a free college education. This is FREE money! Money that will never have to be repaid. You can’t receive what you don’t apply for. Rather, believe that the effort and diligence you put into applying for them, coupled with your trust in God, will pay off.